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Meet us to experience HumAIns™at the MWC Barcelona 2023.



Meet Angel, your personal travel agent. She has been trained to provide you with an innovative experience. Polite, patient, and proactive, Angel will guide the conversation and assist you in planning your next vacation. From finding the perfect destination to finding flights, hotels, and activities, Let her help you plan your next adventure today.

Feel free to engage in a natural conversation with Angel, asking her any question about your preferred destination

Angel illustrates the power of HumAIns, it's important to keep in mind that it is a demonstration of the technology and not a fully-fledged product ready for mass use and handling a wide range of queries.

  • Angel can recommend a travel destination

  • Find flights that suit your schedule

  • Send you an SMS with flight details.

  • Suggest the best attractions and restaurants at your chosen destination

  • Assist with finding car rentals near the airport

  • Recommend the best restaurants in proximity to your hotel


Advanced queries like the cheapest flights

Book a flight 

Hotel and restaurant reservations

Provide real-time flight updates and notifications

Help with visa and passport assistance

Assist with rental car and transportation bookings

Help plan and organize itineraries

Provide travel insurance options

Assist with travel document organization and management

Offer 24/7 customer support for any travel-related issues

In the future,

Angel may be able to:

Limited Access to Angel: Experience the Future and try out HumAIns technology

Angel is our powerful demonstration tool designed to showcase the capabilities of our cutting-edge technology, HumAIns by Inpris. As a highly valuable resource, access to Angel is restricted and protected by a password. We are pleased to offer access to Angel to a select group of individuals including enterprise and integrators leaders, considering integrating our solution, potential investors, and technology journalists. If you fall into one of these categories, we would be delighted to provide you with access to interact with Angel. Please reach out to us to request access and experience the power of Angel firsthand.

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