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Task Initiation

A simple API call initiates everything. Businesses can directly instruct a HumAIn agent to autonomously perform tasks such as customer service, sales outreach, or data collection. The API facilitates this communication.

Autonomous Operation

 After receiving the task, the HumAIn autonomously starts the conversation with the customer. It uses its extensive memory and access to external data to engage in personalized and contextually relevant dialogues, efficiently meeting customer needs.

Real-Time Analysis

The HumAIn's interactions undergo real-time analysis and reporting, providing immediate insights into customer interactions, preferences, and feedback. This enhances decision-making and strategy development for the business.

Transparency and Tracking

The platform promotes transparency. It keeps the business fully informed about progress as the HumAIn processes information and tracks tasks like new orders, enabling data-driven decisions.

Dynamic Updating

Adaptability is crucial in the fast-paced business environment. The Cognitive OS allows businesses to update the HumAIn's instructions anytime, reflecting strategy changes, priority shifts, or real-time feedback responses.

Data and Analytics

Conversations' actions and outcomes turn into valuable data and analytics, aiding the business in refining processes, understanding market trends, and improving customer engagement strategies.

Continuous Improvement

Built with the capability for retraining through RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback), the platform ensures the HumAIn constantly learns from interactions and evolves to better serve customers.


Data updating Interface

External Data


Data & Analytics

Retraining RHLF






How it works?

The HumAIns™ Cognitive OS seamlessly integrates sophisticated technology with user-friendly interfaces, enabling real-time business control and monitoring.

The tonality of the conversation, and, if using a video avatar, the facial expressions change to match the customer’s mood. This unique feature of Cognitive OS transforms a canned robotic conversation into a truly human experience. It can also sense tension or happiness in a user's voice and react accordingly.

Advanced Emotion Engine

The essence of Cognitive OS lies in its adaptability. The system employs finely-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) powered by a proprietary algorithm, dynamically adapting prompts during interactions. This ensures a seamless and contextually relevant user experience. Agents within the platform can update prompts in real-time, switch between different LLMs as needed, and utilize APIs to execute a variety of tasks with unparalleled precision.

Adaptive Core

The platform can rapidly generate agents, allowing clients to quickly integrate these new agents into their operations. Each agent has a comprehensive understanding of their specific roles and tasks, ready to proactively engage with customers. They are also equipped with extensive company databases, courtesy of Revolutionary Agent Generation (RAG) technology, enabling conversations of unmatched accuracy and relevance.

Instant Agent Generation

Cognitive OS has stringent safety and reliability measures. Every AI agent has 'self-functional awareness' or an 'inner voice' that aids in navigating conversations and scrutinizing situations. Complementary supervised models act as an additional safeguard, ensuring that the agents operate within prescribed bounds and maintain appropriate interaction standards.

Robust Safety Measures

Agents on the platform deliver personalized experiences that emulate, and potentially surpass, the interaction quality offered by human SDRs or debt collectors. These agents are not only well-versed in their tasks but also intimately familiar with the customers they engage, ensuring a bespoke and immersive interaction.

Personalized Customer Interactions

The platform is not limited to its core functionalities. It encompasses a wide array of modules for Text-to-Speech (TTS), Speech-to-Text (STT), Language Packs, and integrations with various communication channels such as WhatsApp, web, SMS, and telephone. This allows for versatile deployment across different mediums, providing customers with a consistent experience regardless of the platform. Moreover, Inpris is dedicated to expanding its capabilities, offering the potential for tailored modules to meet specific client needs.

Diverse Integration and Expansion


Inpris' Cognitive OS is a cutting-edge conversational AI platform offering an unprecedented blend of adaptability, precision, and cognitive complexity akin to the human brain. We have engineered this advanced system as a transformative foundation for human-computer interaction, facilitating the creation of proactive agents primed for outbound tasks such as sales development and other proactive roles.

Cognitive OS has sophisticated capabilities for in-state processes such as analyzing, planning, reflecting, and conversing. These features enhance the system’s core functionalities and support adaptive, context-dependent transitions between states, maximizing flexibility in response to changing conditions. The system also incorporates epsilon transitions, which allow for fluid changes in the state without direct external inputs, enabling a more intuitive and intelligent response to internal cognitive processes. This integrated approach ensures that Cognitive OS meets external demands while proactively managing its internal states through advanced, intelligent decision-making mechanisms.

The platform is the first and only system that can provide end-to-end autonomous agents in multiple use cases including mobility, customer care, business growth, industrial applications, and even healthcare.

Cognitive OS is the result of years of dedicated development centered around our innovative Federated Directive Intelligence Framework (FDIF). This advanced architecture integrates multiple semi-autonomous agents under a unified directive protocol, facilitating proactive and strategic decision-making across distributed intelligence networks. Cognitive OS harnesses collective intelligence to optimize performance and provide a seamless, integrated user experience across complex, system-wide applications by enabling data sharing among components.

Hybrid deterministic and non-deterministic State Machine


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