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HumAIn woman wearing a visor and earpiece sits focused at a computer, symbolizing multitasking and technological expertise

Inpris HumAIns™ are proactive conversational AI autonomous agents that combine human qualities with AI capabilities


Welcome to the

Meet our empowered HumAIn, a digital superhero seated confidently at her desktop. Adorned in a futuristic blue dress with a distinctive eye mask, she exudes the capability to execute millions of actions simultaneously. The earpiece signifies her seamless conversational abilities, enhancing engagement and efficiency. Unleash the power of multitasking and unparalleled productivity with our superhero HumAIn.


HumAIns are transforming the way businesses engage with their customers. By integrating human-like conversations with real-world actions and API activation, HumAIns have acquired the ability to accomplish tasks that were once exclusive to humans.

HumAIns provide a VIP experience for every customer, superpowers for the team, and an end-to-end solution for enterprises.



Elevate your

With advanced voice recognition and speech synthesis capabilities, HumAIns have the ability to adjust their tone and talking style according to the mood and conversation situation, making customer interactions more natural and engaging than ever before. 

Their exceptional conversation and action abilities make them ideal for understanding and executing voice commands with precision.

They excel at communicating through phone calls and voice-enabled devices, and can also seamlessly chat and video chat.


Open laptop reveals a modern design dashboard for real-time system performance monitoring and data analysis.


HumAIns are intelligent agents with infinite scalability, capable of executing millions of actions simultaneously without breaks or forgetfulness. Through data analysis and constant testing, HumAIns continuously evolves and improves performance.
As transparent workers, HumAIns provide a comprehensive dashboard of their activities, eliminating the need for active management. Their alignment, precision, proactiveness and agility make them the ideal choice for handling enterprise-level tasks.


Angel, animated Inpris HumAIn, wears an earpiece, ready to assist.

Experience HUMAINS


Sleek car interior with high-tech infotainment screen showcasing Angel's AI magic for an enhanced driving experience.
Wireless headset with adjustable microphone arm.

Inpris brings extensive expertise in conversational AI to the automotive industry, enabling HumAIns to function as intelligent driving companions.
HumAIns in cars are versatile voice assistants and support agents, enabling drivers to operate the car's functions and control third-party systems such as phones and infotainment. They can help drivers understand car functions and guide them through various situations.


Integrating HumAIns into call centers revolutionizes the entire operation. 
HumAIns enable zero waiting times and can answer both general and user-specific questions, as well as perform a range of actions like identification, payment processing, and updating the CRM.
They can work alongside human employees to provide quick and efficient solutions for users. HumAIns are capable of making outbound calls in mass, making them useful for tasks like debt collection, lead nurturing, updates, and data collection.
HumAIns save organizations significant expenses, improves performance and customer satisfaction, and even free up your office space and get you out of the hiring cycle.



For Enterprises

End-to-End Solution

Unlimited, Instant Engagement

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