top of page by Inpris proudly presents Cognitive OS for Mobility, our groundbreaking platform that is set to redefine the in-car experience through proactive conversational AI agents.

To the Future
Of Automotive Interaction


What is Cognitive OS for Mobility?

Cognitive OS is the first platform for generating and managing proactive autonomous AI agents that work. Unlike traditional assistants who passively wait for commands, our agents proactively engage with drivers, enhancing driving experience and safety.


The user-friendly dashboard enables OEMs to send instructions, assign tasks, offer services, retrieve information, and more. Interactions are stored and classified, providing valuable data for informed decision-making. This unified system elevates the driving experience by promoting safety, efficiency, and enjoyment. 

Full-Range Companion

The Infotainment Mastery companion enhances the driving experience by allowing natural voice-based control of popular apps and entertainment functions while driving. The driver can engage in conversations with the companion, who can draft and send messages, suggest and play music, facilitate calls, do complicated navigation searches with human-like voice interaction, and more. 

Infotainment Mastery

The Ask Me Anything companion provides a user-friendly interface for drivers to access information directly from their vehicle's owner's manual. This helps car owners efficiently address queries about their car's operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It enables owners to stay on top of essential maintenance, preventing costly repairs and ensuring the continuous smooth operation of their vehicle.

Ask Me Anything

The Guardian Angel is a proactive autonomous agent designed to ingest and analyze real time data from internal and external vehicle sensors like tire pressure, temperature, and driver fatigue. It creates a holistic picture of the drive while monitoring driver safety and comfort.

The Guardian Angel companion is perfect for drivers to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve any issues with their vehicles. Whenever there is an issue in the car, the companion will proactively describe the issue to the driver and follow the manufacturer's instructions to provide the appropriate solution. It can also help navigate to the closest service point and offer guidance with car operating instructions. 

With unlimited patience, the companion provides step-by-step, natural dialogue fit to the situation, ensuring a stress-free experience while helping the driver stay alert and engaged.

Guardian Angel


Beyond Efficiency:
A New Vision

With Cognitive OS, we're not just improving existing systems - we're completely reimagining the customer journey in the automotive world. Our platform creates a seamless, intuitive, and proactive environment that anticipates needs and enhances every aspect of vehicle ownership.

Experience the power of truly intelligent in-car assistance. Welcome to the next generation of automotive technology with Cognitive OS by Inpris.


Humains builds versatile voice assistants and support agents, allowing drivers to operate the car's functions and control third-party systems such as phones and infotainment. They help drivers understand car functions and guide them through various situations.

Revolutionizing the In-Car Experience

Our product monitors in-car sensors and signals including tire pressure and even driver fatigue to create a new way to interact with your vehicle. It gathers data about the drive, driver, and car on the fly, analyzing it in near real time to offer a superior experience.


Cognitive OS isn’t just a chatbot for cars or voice assistant. It’s a conversational platform for generating and managing autonomous agents through proactive conversation that can offer help, advice, and even entertainment fine-tuned to the driver’s needs.

Inpris Humains Products:

Ask me anything

Infotainment mastery

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