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About Us

For years, Inpris has been at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. Our efforts have culminated in the creation of HumAIns™, a game-changing "Dialogue to Action" technology that blends human-like qualities with AI capabilities, revolutionizing Generative AI's potential uses and bringing AI to life like never before.


HumAIns™ is the evolution of a technology breakthrough that we achieved at the beginning of 2022, when Inpris introduced the world's first LLM-based in-car driver companion AI, enabling unscripted natural conversational AI superior to any personal assistant available. This was an upgrade of the Inpris Way system, introduced in 2020, which innovated Human-Machine interactions, reducing reaction time and improving safety.


Founded by Nissan Yaron and his father, Ben-Etzion, Inpris began by focusing on the development of ergonomic motion detection technology for touchscreens. Through participation in a prestigious Silicon Valley immersion program, the company identified a significant opportunity in the automotive industry to address the problem of distracted driving, which resulted in a pivot in our focus to building an HMI interface for in-car infotainment.


The company has reached notable achievements such as winning the "Most User-Friendly HMI Feature" CAR-HMI Berlin award in 2016 and signing a B2B agreement with an infotainment maker in 2018.

CEO Nissan Yaron



Human-Machine Interaction Expert. Nine granted patents.
Award winner

CTO Ben Etzion Yaron



Hebrew University, Head of Payroll and Personnel in the Department of Information Systems. Software architect

CMO Avishai Shraga



Fintech startup, CMO
City of David, Head of Marketing
Hebrew University, MBA  in Big Data

BizDev David Erez



Manager of Israel's Smart Mobility Community. Policy, regulation and lobby Maker. Senior adviser in the Prime Minister's Office.

Software Engineer Shani Hilkiya


Software Engineer

Jerusalem College of Technology

200 Apps

Software Engineer Yocheved Berson


Software Engineer

Azrieli College of Engineering

200 Apps

Head of Product Dan Bystritsky


Head of Product

Cofounder & CTO, SkySparks.

CTO, SolidBlock.

Cofounder & CTO,  200apps.

Software Engineer Raz Kronnberg

Raz Kronenberg

Software Engineer

Mamram Graduate, Experienced Developer Across Multiple Industries

Prompt Engineer Inbal Medina


Prompt Engineer

Bar Ilan University, Law and Social Work

Autonomous AI Agent Angel


Autonomous AI Agent

Customer Service Expert. 
Generative AI Master.
Endless Scalability.
Actionable Abilities.

Our Team

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Our Partners

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman showcase Inpris, a leading generative AI company, at Ignite.
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