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The clash of giants: How Google's latest product announcements shake the start-up ecosystem

The clash of giants: How Google's latest product announcements shake the start-up ecosystem

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Generative AI technology is highly advanced and flexible, and it can quickly produce outstanding products. Since it is so powerful, big companies cannot let smaller ones acquire market share and influence the ecosystem alone.

Many B2C startups have been impacted by OpenAI's actions with ChatGPT's surprising move. At the same time, Microsoft has taken control of multiple B2B solutions in the generative AI industry, impacting B2B startups.

Now, Google is doing the same for others by releasing numerous horizontal and vertical solutions. This is a battle between giants; no startup should get in their way.

There is a considerable risk in making bets in the core of the emerging ecosystem foundations as the risk of being run over by one of the giants is relatively high. However, for vertical solutions that can utilize specialty, know-how, and real problem-solving, especially when the answer can't just use an API, this is a huge opportunity to create a significant impact fast and acquire market share while enjoying the new releases as state-of-the-art COMPONENTS on their products.

For instance, Inpris HumAIns has secured deals with multiple enterprises in customer support and the automotive industry by combining our technologies in a proprietary way that makes them highly valuable for our customers. As far as we know, we are still the only company with an effective smart assistant technology that is entirely LLM-based, and we could aim for a B2C assistant solution and possibly gain market share in the core of the battle.

However, this technology is at the heart of the desires of the big players, and they will probably figure it out sooner or later. Months ago, we shifted our focus to creating industry-specific solutions that leverage our capabilities to solve strong challenges for specific markets. This decision has been very rewarding, as we can now enjoy all these new technologies to enrich our offering. I hope others will do the same, and we'll see many great products coming to life.


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