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HumAIns™ by Inpris: A new species of AI

We at Inpris are proud to unveil a breakthrough technology in the field of Generative AI today.
 close-up view of Angel, the HumAIn AI companion

Over the past few days, many of you have played with chatGPT. Undoubtedly, its abilities (and those of other large language models) are magical, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Despite the magic, the technology's reliance on text-to-text, image-to-image, and text-to-image inputs and outputs mean that it can't be plugged into APIs or third-party devices–the gateway into the real world– vastly reducing its utility.

Today, we are changing it.

A year and a half ago, the Inpris team developed a breakthrough "Dialogue to Action" transformer (D2A) to enable LLM to interact with APIs. We successfully tested the technology integrated into our driving companion product in a pilot project.

We soon realized its potential went beyond just driving and were still determining how to proceed. Therefore, we decided to conduct further research to develop a system allowing LLMs to take a broader range of actions.

Our goal was to create a system for developing AI applications that understand, interact, and act like humans.

After months of hard work, we are excited to unveil HumAIns - a new species of AI.

Inpris HumAIns™ combines human qualities with AI capabilities. HumAIns understands natural language, asks and answers questions, and takes actions based on the conversation.

HumAIns are versatile AIs for any domain. Using any API-based service, HumAIns can simultaneously provide support to thousands of clients at any time.

Sales representatives, personal shoppers, medical support, customer service representatives, and many more jobs humans currently perform will be performed by HumAIns in the future.

HumAIns are a revolutionary new AI that utilizes a cognitive architecture based on machine learning and Inpris algorithms. Thus, HumAIns can reason, understand themselves, and learn on the job, becoming experts in their domains. HumAIns can provide proactive leadership in processes, surpassing existing technologies reliant on reactive responses. Soon, HumAIns will significantly impact AI usage, improving the quality of life for many.

Inpris HumAIns mission is to promote humane values and contribute to humanity. We have therefore decided not to release the source code for HumAIns. We carefully select our partners to ensure that our technology is used for good and for everyone's benefit.

We want to give a big shoutout to the amazing team at Inpris, who put in so much hard work to make this happen. We also want to give props to the great technologies developed by OpenAI, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Google, Hugging Face, AI21 Labs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and others who built the ground for HumAIns. And, of course, we want to thank our investors and customers who believed in us and helped us along the way. The future of AI looks bright.

Significant companies are currently working with HumAIns on exciting projects.


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